James Sailor



CrossFit Level 1
6 years of CrossFit experience of which 5 include coaching

About James

Grew up in Los Angeles, CA and lived there til I was 17. Joined the Air Force 3 weeks after high school and spent the next 21 years traveling the world. I was stationed in Texas from 2008-2012, was sent to Puerto Rico for a final assignment, and came straight back to Texas in 2015. I have been all over the US and I will probably never leave Texas. Great place to raise my 3 girls. I retired from the Air Force in 2015 and have been working to get my own CrossFit gym started ever since and am finally making that a reality.

Athletic Background

Played every sport growing up but played baseball mostly. Played all the way until I joined the Air Force. I was playing for the Pirates and Mariners in their spring leagues before I enlisted (I never went any further). I have tried every sport I could at some point. I boxed for a long time while I was in the Air Force and trained heavily with a pro circuit when I was in San Diego. Did a lot of training between San Diego and Tijuana but once the Air Force moved me that was kinda the end of that.

Turning Point

My turning point was attending a box that had issues. Classes were cancelled with no notice, it didn’t always open on time, classes started late, etc. I had a class cancelled on me for the 4th or 5th time and that was it. I decided to open my own box. For what members pay for CrossFit they deserve to get better customer service and I felt I could do that along with programming that was safe and geared for the every day athlete instead of trying to force 40 year old moms and dads into workouts designed for Games athletes and causing injuries. So here I am, offering what others may not.


My purpose for coaching is helping people change their lives through CrossFit. I have been a member at and worked out at some really good and really bad boxes/gyms. I have seen a lot of great coaching and seen some less than stellar coaching. The great coaching helped me learn how to do things correctly and the poor coaching taught me everything not to do. I love helping people exceed their goals. Being a part of someone celebrating a new PR or doing something they thought they never could is the best feeling ever. Helping someone break barriers makes all the hard work worth it.


My ultimate motivation is to help people find a better way to work out and actually enjoy the workout. Spending so many years going to the typical 24 Hour Fitness or Lifetime gym I was always looking for a better alternative. When I found CrossFit it blew my mind. Finally, a place where people were working out and actually getting along!! No one arguing over what bench was being used or being rude because they wanna be the tough guy. Just good people working really hard together and supporting each other through the workouts. I knew right away I loved it. The challenge was there every day and I knew I wanted to coach. Once I started coaching I knew what I wanted to do when I retired and that was own my own box. A place where customer service, safety, and community are the priority. No excuses, just a good box that people could have fun and not have to worry about any issues.

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